Business Productivity Principles, Meet Government

Business Productivity Principles, Meet Government

I’ve been told on several occasions that government can’t be run like a business.  “It’s “political”, I’m told and “you have to give in to this constituency or that special interest group to cultivate power, the power to get things done”.  If getting things done means even more collaboration for compromise then there is little wonder why we have a so many issues.

The wikipedia definition of Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. It was developed by Motorola in 1986,[1][2] coinciding with theJapanese asset price bubble which is reflected in its terminology.[citation needed] Jack Welch made it central to his business strategy at General Electric in 1995.[3] Today, it is used in many industrial sectors.[4]

We talk of government reform in feel-good glittering generalities like “cut government waste”, “reform the tax code” and “improve education”, but never seem to get to substance.  So if we know what the “what” is, when will we get to the “how”, and how will we know what the acceptable changes are.

The application of Six Sigma take discipline, and will bruise a few egos along the way, but it is crucial that government and business begin to talk the same language.

Bureaucracy supports the group or party that supports status quo and scope creep (aka government growth).  Bureaucracy’s first objective s preservation; it must feed itself to continue to exist.  That is why the Federal government never stops growing, and why it will resist turning any power back to the States, even that power which it never was entitled to under the Enumerated Powers in the 10th Amendment.

Back here at home, I will advocate for and support leaders who are willing to look at government function through the lens of the Six Sigma process improvement philosophy.  Defining a specific defect -such as poor consumer experience- is crucial, and right now we need to know first, if anyone will notice that a particular function performed by government comes up missing?  If nobody notices that something is missing, then it was probably not a critical function for the greater good.

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