Arizona Technology Council Endorsement

Arizona Technology Council Endorsement

PHOENIX, June 24, 2018 – To help provide a comprehensive overview of Arizona Legislature candidates who can affect the technology industry, the Arizona Technology Council has released its 2018 endorsements. The support of these candidates is based on the most recent two-year voting records of incumbents, written responses to a survey and interviews of new candidates.

In a related move, the Council in a few weeks will publish its 2018 Vote TechSmart, a biennial voters guide that will offer details of its official endorsements of candidates for the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives in the upcoming elections. 

“Our members understand the role technology plays in Arizona’s economy and it’s crucial we come together as one voice to elect Arizona Legislature candidates who have a strong and supportive view of our industry,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “We make endorsements for legislative candidates and also publish the Vote TechSmart guide every two years to provide the facts needed to make informed choices.” 

The Council’s Public Policy Committee researches incumbents thoroughly to determine whether they provide ongoing support of the technology agenda. The issues most heavily weighted in the Committee’s decision to endorse include expanding access to investment capital, supporting tax policy to incent research and development investments, technology-based economic development, advocating for enhanced technology infrastructure, and a strong commitment to improving our public education system from kindergarten through postsecondary with technology-based and blended learning.

The Council focuses its endorsements on candidates for the Legislature in Arizona’s 2018 election and backs only those candidates who support a technology agenda, so some districts may have no recommendations. Also, the Council is not making recommendations on other statewide or congressional races. 

Representatives Mark Finchem (running for re-election in the House) and Vince Leach (running for election in the Senate) have been endorsed.

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