Arizona Momentum is Top-10 Strong

Arizona Momentum is Top-10 Strong

While Democrats continue to play divisional politics, we Republicans are showing real leadership. In large part due to the public policy decisions, Arizona now ranks #5 for economic momentum, and in the Top 10 for personal income growth, employment growth and population growth. People are fleeing states that have engaged in reckless spending and the high tax environment that hits the middle class and working poor the hardest. Where are they fleeing to? Yup, Arizona; in fact, so many people are coming to Arizona from high tax kingdoms like California and New York, that we will pick up at least one if not two Congressional seats in the coming Decennial Census.

The new economic conditions quarterly report published by the Washington, D.C.-based State Policy Reports, ranks states based on their most recent performance in three key measures of economic vitality: personal income growth, employment growth and population growth. Vitality, now that’s a word that we did not hear much of during the years of Democrat control under former President Obama.

Arizona has climbed one spot, from (6) to (5), from a year ago in the economic momentum index. Over the same period, Arizona also improved in every sub-category used to develop the score, including:

  • Climbing from (6) to (3) in personal income growth;
  • Climbing from (10) to (9) in employment growth;
  • And climbing from (8) to (6) in population growth.

The Arizona Legislature has worked with Governor Ducey to make Arizona more productive, in spite of our severely limited tax base, due in large part to the vast expanse of federally controlled land in our state. Limited tax base equates to limited resources and pressure on taxpayers to pay more for services than residents in other states with greater tax base to draw from.

Governor Ducey said earlier today, “Arizona’s growing economic momentum owes itself to the hard work of entrepreneurs, business owners and their employees across our state. We will continue to work to make Arizona the best state in the nation to launch new ideas and start or scale a business.”

So, while our opposition is focused on taking more from Arizona taxpayers, under their belief that higher taxes equates to a higher standard of living, we are committed to helping Arizona taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned wages. The rampant redistribution of wealth we see in states like California, New York and New Jersey is the reason why we are seeing so many tax refugees coming to our state.

As more people arrive and participate in the Arizona economy, we will see more tax revenue generated and greater capacity to provide for everything from teacher pay to better roads and greater employment opportunity. Real leadership is substantive, not conceptual. Anyone could spend other people’s money (OPM) with ease, making the hard choices about where to spend our limited resources, and what policies will grow the economy is what governing is about, not writing checks that the taxpayers can’t afford.

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