American Conservative Union Award

American Conservative Union Award

I am pleased to report that I have received the Conservative Excellence Award from one of the top conservative values watchdogs in the nation. The award is for fidelity to the Constitution, which I took an oath to protect and defend. While many people seek to reinterpret long standing jurisprudence dealing with both natural and legal rights for all of America, and for Arizonans more specifically, I have been committed to the course of “securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” As the foundation of our system of protections for the people is of supreme importance that we show fidelity to the constitution in all that we do under the penumbra of public policy.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) has just released its ratings for the first session of the fifty-third Arizona legislature and is presenting awards this morning at the State Capitol to lawmakers who voted in line with conservative principles. These ratings, a portion of the comprehensive and nationwide ratings released by the ACUF, are designed to reflect how elected officials view the role of government and are helpful in illustrating how both chambers of the legislature as well as individual members prioritize a wide variety of issue areas that directly affect Arizonans.

The ACUF has reviewed each piece of legislation voted on in both the Senate and House of Representatives to produce average scores for each chamber as well as individual scores for each sitting member.

Arizona legislators took pen to paper on various issues during the 2017 legislative session including elimination of wasteful programs, criminal justice reform, religious liberties, government transparency and occupational licensure reform. One or both chambers voted to:

·         Eliminate seven duplicative government boards and commissions.

·         Reform civil asset forfeiture laws to establish standards of proof to connect property to a crime and restrict the transfer of seized property to the federal government.

·         Prevent legal action against healthcare providers who for religious reasons refuse to participate in abortion procedures.

·         Prohibit taxpayer-funded lobbying by prohibiting state agencies from contracting out professional lobbying services.

·         Allow individuals to challenge licensing requirements that create unnecessary barriers to work.

“This past session, lawmakers missed the mark on some issues, such as ensuring greater accountability in the government employee benefit system, but excelled when it came to defending the sanctity of life and religious liberties,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp.

The scores of both the Arizona House and Senate fell from last year’s ratings, suggesting that the legislature as a whole voted slightly less conservatively this past year. The Arizona Senate’s average score fell by 5 percentage points in 2017 – from 61% in 2016 to 56% in 2017 – and the House’s score decreased by 4 percentage points – from 58% in 2016 to 54% in 2017.

The 2017 Ratings of Arizona are attached to this email; you can also click here to view them online.

For questions or media inquiries regarding ACUF state ratings, email Jackie Anderson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs for the American Conservative Union Foundation, at


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