About Mark

“Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.”

Mark’s Personal Background:

Born in Detroit, Michigan as a youngster Mark and his family lived in several mid-west cities including Kalamazoo, Michigan where he graduated from high school and attended Western Michigan University.  He joined the Kalamazoo Fire Department as a Firefighter Paramedic in 1978, and later cross-trained as a Police Officer, Mark was 2nd in his Police Academy class and earned an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with High Honors. Mark retired from the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety in January 1999 after 21 years of service.

After relocating to Tucson, Arizona Mark joined software maker Intuit Inc. working in the Small Business Accounting Division. While advancing through the company to a Senior Manager position Mark earned his Six Sigma “Green Belt” rating and lead the Tucson based Product Registration and Business Products Unit. As a respected leader, Mark often taught within the company on the difference between management and leadership, and how to develop leadership skills.

In 2007 Mark left Intuit Inc. to pursue self-employment. As an Associate Broker with one of the largest real estate firms in Southern Arizona, Mark has built a very successful residential real estate practice focused on the concept of always placing others first. Mark also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Canyon University in Government Administration with Emphasis on State & Local Public Policy, summa cum laude.

Mark and his wife Tanya have been married for over 15 great years and live in the thriving Town of Oro Valley. They are actively involved with a number of Christian faith organizations including Compassion International, Christian Radio outreach ministries, and Victory Assembly of God church, offering hope and salvation through God’s grace and the saving sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

Other associations include:

* Past President, Oro Valley Business Club

* Oro Valley Republican Women’s Club, Associate Member

* Saddlebrooke Republican Club

* National Rifle Association, Life Member

* Arizona Citizens Defense League, Life Member

* Fraternal Order of Police, Life Member

* Rotary of Oro Valley, Member

Mark Describes Core Values

Our constitutional republic was founded on a simple concept, LIBERTY, and on the ideas of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  Leadership requires those who engage in it to make tough choices always aimed at improving the quality of life for as many people as possible while respecting the source of limited resources.

Integrity Without Compromise has long been my favorite core value, from integrity so many conditions flow. With integrity my word is my bond, my intentions are transparent and the results have easily defendable means. All too often “government” has fallen into the trap of judging success by intentions and not results.

Give not expecting anything in return.  Place God at the center of decision making. Putting yourself behind God’s position creates space for the application of wisdom. Prayerful consideration of solutions while asking for wisdom is a proven, well-documented path for building a strong marriage, family, government, and country.

Character Before Comfort , the “how” of accomplishment matters just as much as the accomplishment itself. Character, that which you do even when nobody is watching, is important because it reveals one’s motivation for achievement. There are those amongst our number who you can look at and know instantly that their character is trustworthy and genuine. I strive to be counted in that number.

Teams Work no one person has all of the right answers all of the time. Collaboration amongst men and women of strong faith and character provides for real, inspired solutions to the problems plaguing the society we have today. Each of us has been blessed with individualized skill sets that when combined and brought to bear on complex problems generally apply innovative solutions.

Ockham’s Razor from William of Ockham, and in Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in logic and problem- solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In simple terms, the simplest solution to a problem is almost always right.

My ethos is simpleprotect, and encourage life from conception to natural death. It’s a simple concept that does not require justification and is a moral imperative for me. Life is a precious gift and the pursuit of a life of happiness and liberty is a right granted by Nature’s law and Nature’s God. I am concerned about safety and security for all children.  I support Red Envelope Day to bring awareness to the loss of precious young lives each year, taken from our community by the abortion industry. Most of my life I’ve been dedicated to standing in the gap for those who cannot protect themselves. I’m unabashedly and unapologetically pro-life and I subscribe to the Center for Arizona Policy Code of Ethics.

Duty, Honor, Faithfulness I believe in real accountability, both elected officials and bureaucrats have an implied fiduciary duty to taxpayers. In the performance of their duty, tax dollars must be treated with reverence, collect responsibly, and used with restraint.  I support the small republic form of government, close to the people so it can be more responsive to the people. Government, while necessary among men, is a constant antagonist to liberty.

Let’s get to work on solving Arizona’s problems.