Arizona must not waste time and resources on suing the Federal government .”  That’s the claim Liberal Democrats Jo Holt and Holy Lyons have made on several occasions throughout the 2014 House of Representatives campaign.

We are left to believe the opposite of that statement must be true of their stand, that Arizona should not vigorously and regularly assert the rights of the State and of the People?  After all we hear (and I firmly believe) even from Democrats that the Constitution is the Law of the land.  Since the Constitution is the standard by which all is judged, and the only way to have matters set right concerning conflict with it, there seems to be no other action.  Unless of course the People are willing to give up their unalienable right to control their own government.

Most recently Holly Lyons said in the, “I also don’t agree with my opponents’ dogmatic adherence to the issue of state sovereignty. Pandering to the extremists amongst our citizenry and supporting ideology that results in expensive lawsuits against the federal government wastes time and money and does nothing to solve Arizona’s problems.”
What then should our response be, when injustice becomes law?  When a heavy handed Federal government acts outside of the Law of the land, and is recognized even by Democrats as lawless?  
Each of us, Holly Loyn included, has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of  the united States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.
Mark Finchem, Vince Leach and Steve Smith are ready to defend the People and the State against an out of control Federal government that seeks to threaten, coerce and intimidate us all, even if it means going to court.



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