52 nd Legislature Mid-Point Update

52 nd Legislature Mid-Point Update

As the 52nd Session of the Arizona Legislature opened on January 12th, 2015 we were faced with a budget deficit of over $1.1 Billion, a State Constitutional requirement balance the Arizona budget, a Voter mandate to repeal & replace Common Core, improve border security & public safety, and refurbish our Infrastructure. Each of these is a component to attracting well paying JOB CREATORS who will through their employment of our residents help them create wealth, sustain an enjoyable standard of living and have something to pass on to their children.


HCR 2007: The Fisher House Recognition Resolution  PASSED
Fisher House is for Veterans who are receiving care at VA hospitals, and their families while the Vets are receiving care.  Fisher House is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their service to Vets and their families and I was proud to run the memorial bill recognizing them.
HB 2173: The Legal Tender Bill (gold and silver use)  PASSED
The US Treasury mints “coin”, which has intrinsic value.  With the passage of this bill Arizona will  join 4 other states (Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado and Utah) who have decided to make sure residents have the ability to conduct commerce using gold and silver “specie”.  What is specie?  Article I Section 8 of the united State Constitution specifically gives the Federal government authority to “coin money”.  It does not say “print money”.  If an Arizona resident wants to use 10 Lbs. of silver to buy something of value, and the seller agrees to accept the silver we have a “meeting of the minds”, and a transaction ensues.  Specie might be a 1 troy ounce, .999 pure commemorative, private mint round or even a bar.  The key is that it is a precious metal with verifiable weight and measure.  This act also helps to preserve the purchasing power of both government and citizens.  More on the difference between Appreciation and Inflation in my next update.
HB 2174: ESA’s For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren  COW
(COW is short for Committee of the Whole, and is where members debate the merits of a bill).  Arizona is a leader in the world of Empowerment Scholarships, eighteen other states have followed our lead and now have them.  HB 2174 seeks to add grandparents raising their grandchildren.  While Democrats in general do not like anything that changes the old school public school model, we are solving for public education for kids in special circumstances.
HB 2175: Public Rights-of-way Protection  COW
Keeping public rights-of-way open and accessible is a big deal.  You may recall when the current occupant of the Whitehouse threw a temper tantrum and close national parks, local economies were wrecked.  This bill adopts Federal law and keeps those vital rights-of-way open, rights-of-way that we have by Federal statute.
HB 2190: Repeal and Replace Common Core  COW
The bill that everyone wants to know more about.  This bill has been constructed to solve the big problems with Common Core, a program that was foisted upon us by the uS Department of Education working in collusion with an NGO (the National Governors Association, a non-government organization).  HB 2190 seeks to cut off the harvesting of personally identifiable data of students and teachers, it installs a content committee made up of teachers and parents along with superintendents, and it restores higher standards that we had before the Federal take over of a local (State) responsibility.
HB 2540: Ballot Measure Protections Technical Content  COW
Seeks to make clerks responsible for the serial number they assign to a voter referendum.  Voters asked me to run this bill to make sure their efforts to call for a vote on an issue do not end up in disenfranchisement.  The clerk of competent jurisdiction will be responsible for writing the serial number for a ballot measure on the first petition issued.
HB 2587: Credit Card Processing Consolidation Act  PASSED
Across the universe of State agencies we have 54 different credit card payment agreements.  This bill seeks to bring all of those together and for the State Treasurer, Jeff Dewit, to manage a smaller number of agreements.  This will reduce our cost and should improve the consumer experience when dealing with State government agencies.
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That’s right. You can create a login to RTS (Request to Speak) and provide testimony that will be entered into the Official Record of the House of Representatives for bills in committee.  Most of the House bills have moved out, but we still have Senate bills to hear.  All too often only the loud voices of the vocal minority are heard on an issue.

You can read the bills and any amendments that may be offered and see the schedule for introduction.  By entering your unique, personal testimony into the RTS System, legislators get a better understanding of your position and ideas. Add your name to RTS

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